Origami Dreidels for Hanukkah

Photograph of two origami dreidelsAren’t these origami dreidels neat? I did not make these origami dreidels. My brother in law picked them up at shul/synagogue. As far as I understood the story, there is a teacher/rebbe in the neighborhood, whose students were fooling around with origami in class. He said they could only do so if they could figure out how to make an origami dreidel/sevivon. They said that they couldn’t, it was not possible. So their teacher worked it out and made a bunch. It seems he leaves a bunch for people to take at shul every Hanukkah.

Other Origami Dreidels

You can find another origami dreidel version in the Foundation for Jewish Camps Camp Hanukkah book. Here is also a video tutorial of yet another origami dreidel (which spins):

Origami Dreidel (Yami Yamauchi)

There are other versions as well.

We tried out the origami dreidels version demonstrated on YouTube. We did in fact manage something. However an under two year old, decided it would be more fun to take it apart and eat it so there isn’t anything to show. We did use recycled advertisements though and maybe one day we will try again. You can take a look at some of our other dreidel ideas like our science experiments with dreidels for a sciencey look at tops or story dreidels or assorted painted dreidels for a more creative approach.

What type of dreidels have you made?

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