Hanukkah Eraser Fun

On yet another day out due to illness, for yet a different child, we broke out an eraser making kid for hanukkah eraser and other eraser fun.  A while back, I bought a Creatibles Eraser Kit (amazon affiliate link). We made some pre-school year erasers and bring out the kit from time to time. This is what it looks like:Creatibles Eraser kit used for hanukkah erasers

My oldest child wanted to make some erasers to send to cousins and friends, since she was out of school anyway. I asked her to make some Hanukkah erasers, in addition to the other ones she was planning on making, hence the Hanukkah eraser fun. I told her I would post what she made, here.

The Hanukkah erasers she came up with by herself. The others, she did a search for polymer clay charms in order to get ideas. Here is what she ended up with after long examinations and consultations:

Sick Day Hanukkah ErasersNote the waffle, flower, pizza, volcano, ice cream in a dish, donuts, dreidel and mouse.

Another picture of Hanukkah erasers and other erasers:

Sick Day Hanukkah ErasersSome of these erasers she gave to friends who came in for a child survivor conference. Interestingly enough another child on another day decided to make erasers for those same friends. He didn’t know she had done that too. But he hid them before I could photograph them so I’ll have to save those for another time.

I highly recommend this activity, it allows for a lot of creativity and is good for 1st grade or even kindergarten and up. Its a good idea to remind children that the erasers need to be thick enough to actually be used as an eraser. They need to be easy to hold and not too flat.

Have your kids made erasers? We love sharing kid made ideas here so happy to share if you’d be interested in sharing them.

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