Blue and White Cornettos

I teach Judaism and Israel-related subjects online. I have been involved in the Irena Sendler project for the past year and teach about it in my online Hebrew school classes.

Sendler was a non-Jewish Polish woman who saved 2500 children from the Warsaw ghetto. One of the most amazing aspects of her story is the fact that her activities were almost forgotten, and would never have been publicized if not for a group of (non-Jewish) Kansas schoolgirls who heard a rumor about her activities and, as part of a school project, investigated. Their research led to a renewed interest in Sendler’s story and wide recognition including a website, a book and a performance.

I’d love to write a guest blogpost about the Irena Sendler project for Birkat Chaverim.

Hand sewn Barbie nightgown with crocheted trim and sleeves

Barbie Nightgown

In the summer I mentioned one of the mother-daughter projects on our list was to sew something. My daughter decided she wanted to make a nightgown for one of her Barbie dolls. I admit I probably would never have bought these, but she received three hand me down Barbies from my nieces and we do like to keep them clothed. I thought we should try and do so ...

Bath Salts for Lot

I was sure I posted about this 100 years ago but I couldn't find the post and I also can't seem to find a photo yet but a while back we made bath salts as a wedding gift. This is a great gift item to make with kids as its really simple to do. I thought of it this week as its a good tie in to the Parsha (Lot's wife.) I will try to update with a photo whe ...