Crossing the Sea made by kindergartners

Child Made Crossing the Sea Mural

I really enjoyed this collaborative project in my local kindergarten. The children created a mural of crossing the sea or the splitting of the sea after the Jews left Egypt. This was one of the learning projects they did leading up to Passover. They used different techniques to create the two sections of the split sea and then each drew pictures of them ...

Photo of Homemade gingerale made to use up yeast pre Passover via Birkat Chaverim

Getting Rid of Hametz

Photo of Homemade gingerale made to use up yeast pre Passover via Birkat ChaverimPesach is coming and getting rid of hametz is a large part of the frenzy of preparing for the holiday, even if you sell hametz before the holiday or give away hametz to families in need. We have been doing a few different fun things in the getting rid of hametz category. The bonus, if you start early enough and make quantities in bulk you have stuff to eat when everyone is starving and no one once to mess up cleaning the kitchen.

Our Getting Rid of Hametz Ideas

  • We made oatmeal freezer bars. I've been meaning to try these for a while and a bag of open oatmeal was a good opportunity. We made the recipe following first so did not have enough oatmeal for the recipe so we added whole wheat flour too. A big hit all around, easy as snack or breakfast although a little messy for the under 3 set.

Pesach Resources Matzah Factory Visit

Have you seen Martha Stewarts visit to the Streit's Matzah factory? This is a fun view for children to get into the Passover season and start thinking about Passover. Chabad has a program where they come into day schools and make Matzah with the students. These matzahs are not actually kosher for Passover, however, the process is basically the process t ...