Child Made Crossing the Sea Mural

Crossing the Sea made by kindergartnersI really enjoyed this collaborative project in my local kindergarten. The children created a mural of crossing the sea or the splitting of the sea after the Jews left Egypt. This was one of the learning projects they did leading up to Passover.


The children used different techniques to create the two sections of the split sea. Each child also drew pictures of themselves, or of their families however they wanted. Their portraits were then hung in the center of the board between the two techniques and designs of te split sea. I love how their teacher showed them the concept of: “In Every Generation Consider as if God took me out of Egypt.”

The crossing the sea mural is bright, colorful and fun. It also builds on skills that the children are developing at the age of 4 and 5.

I always enjoyed the imagery of the splitting of the sea. I have a few interpretations of my own in the Birkat Chaverim shop. At one time I made a moveable card, splitting of the sea. Maybe one year we’ll repeat that as a project here. I have a few other ideas brewing for this as well. We will see what actually happens with them.

Other projects

Other projects that the children made include pyramids and baby Moshes, which always go over well at this age. So do making brooms and matzot. Cleaning things, in general go over well at this age, its only later that scrubbing becomes a bit of a chore.

Did you see any fun projects this year for Passover?

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