Sick child activities

Its that time of year and we’ve (royal “we”) been home almost all week with strep. 4 year olds with strep still have more energy than their folks so we came up with a variety of things to do and here’s what we’ve done so far as sick child activities:


1. Finished a mezuza: This was a basic wooden mezuza that had been painted pink, covered with glitter glue and then had heart/flower/circle jewels glued on.
2. Worked on a light fixture: We have no light fixtures in our apartment. A while back we started to make one with plaster gauze strips, paint and beads. We finished this project, coated it with glue and hung it. However, we decided that it needs a bit of extra length so we don’t see the bulb at all. For the moment though its hanging and doesn’t look bad. It is a good project to do with a 4 year old.
3. Four year old girls seem to like to give each other pictures. My daughter comes home with a ton of pictures from her friends and she gives her friends pictures as well. We made a notebook to hold these pictures using brass fasteners and plastic papers.

Learning Activities

4. We read part of the parsha (the part that in particular appeals to 4 year old girls- think animals and jewellery!) and decided to do some projects related to this. We therefore made two bracelets, just like Rivka got two bracelets. We also briefly talked about Rashi (I explained what Rashi said about the bracelets) and looked at it in the Chumash.
5. Another project from related to the weekly Torah portion and also using brass fasteners- the camel moves to drink water.
6. A work sheet about germs (viruses and bacteria) This is an American Red Cross coloring sheet which can be found on the WNED website. I did not do a direct link but the name of the file is 1620_7007_scrubbylesson1.4.pdf.
7. Since she is learning her letters, we also did a Hebrew letter search.
8. Followed up by a little bit of work on the Hebrew letter Dalet since that’s what she would be doing in gan. Drawing the letter, taking about words that start with Dalet etc.
9. Watched videos in German (maybe something in Hebrew too). These included sections of Barbapapa, Kleine Prinzessin, and Muzzy.

This and That

10. Made lists of household chores and crossed them off the list as we did them.
11. Played with sibling.
12. Made suggestions for future activities.
13. Nail polish: we use ones without formaldehyde Piggy Paint and AllyKats. The later peels off which is convenient.
14. Prepared clothing for gan next week.
15. Played with lite-bright (this is actually a great pre-reading activity.)
I hope that tomorrow will also include child size cleaning- dusting and the like as well as some baking.

Update: Something we always like to do when one of the kids are sick is crayon related projects. I have asked a local kindergarten teacher to save broken crayons for us for when someone is sick. Then we make different shaped crayons and bring them to the gan when we are feeling better.


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