Book Swap Frequently Asked Questions

bookswap frequently asked questions

NOTE: The bookswap is back in business. Now on the ground floor.

Frequently asked questions about the community bookswap. The bookswap is a community resource- if you think you are using it in a way that is contrary to its nature, ask. We want people to use it, not to stop using it because its not interesting anymore.

What is the bookswap?
This is a free community service to swap books, cds, dvds, and magazines.

Is this a book store?
No this is a free book swap.

What are the hours?
Any time you want to come by. Its always open. Just the neighbours can hear you, so be considerate. It is also not that well lit at night so better to come when there is daylight.

I could not find the location on the website what is it?
Since the swap is in a private location you actually need to write and ask for the address. That way we have a better sense of who is coming and going. I stick my head out to say hi on occasion too and might ask what types of books you are interested in.

Is there a phone number to contact?
No. I used to give one out but unfortunately 1. some people were a bit mean on the phone and 2. I’m not such a phone person and don’t always have alot of time to chat.

I have a large number of magazines, foreign language books, a huge library can I bring them by?
We can’t really accommodate that right now. All books need to be kept inside the closed bookcase to prevent damage to the books. If someone donates another bookcase that can keep books safe outside that could change. In general we are pretty filled to capacity.

If you plan to bringĀ  say 25 magazines, please mostly swap for other magazines as as far as I can tell, most users like to take books not magazines. I was sort of thinking something like 1 book for 4 magazines but I would be happy to hear input on this policy.

DO NOT BRING OLD OUT OF DATE TEXTBOOKS OR HARLEQUIN ROMANCES! No one is interested in taking them and they just take up space. Don’t bring books that should really be thrown out.

Is it a one to one swap?

Pretty much. That seems fair, don’t you think? See above about magazines.

I am interested in Italian Water Clocks. Do you have a book on that topic?
Sometimes people ask me if this or that book is in the swap. The truth is usually I don’t know. Sometimes I know there is (or was) a book by the same author but I don’t check what books are there, that often. Please don’t ask me to go check. Even if I do check, you can’t know who is going to take what when. Also there are quite a number of people using the swap at this stage and its time consuming answering questions. I can say that quite a number of the swappers I’ve spoken to have said that they have found something that they had wanted to read at the swap. Think serendipity rather than anything else.

What if I don’t have anything to swap, can I buy a book?
You can buy a book for 5 NIS. Proceeds towards new books or other things that the swap could use. Happy for further input on this policy.

What buses go to the bookswap?
This one I don’t answer online.

How can I help?
Use the swap.
Put the books back nicely so that the next person will have an easy time using the swap and so that the books don’t fall on the next user or the person who cleans the area.


Some people have suggested adding the books to a GoodReads account. We did set one up and would be happy to have people help with it.

Please consider the neighbours and keep noise to a minimum.

Happy to hear suggestions and what types of things you’d like to see in the swap. Ideally leave these as a comment here. It makes it easier for me to find the information.

Happy to hear other suggestions, but please do suggest them nicely.

Oh and if I haven’t replied to your email, please do give me a week and then email me again. I may have missed your email or it may have been swallowed by the spam filter. Best bet is to add a comment here.

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