More for Tu B’shvat- Dried Fruit Trees

dried fruit trees for tu bshvatHere is a little project I did with my daughter, dried fruit trees. Its extremely easy and has all the right Tu B’shvat elements in terms of dried fruit, flowers or trees. It is a quick yet fun project. Basically you take dried fruit (we used papaya), pretzels, and flower or circle shaped cookie cutters. Depicted are flowers but in truth, they do look alot like trees as well. They could easily be trees and you could easily cut out shapes to make the flowers look more tree-like.


Cut the dried fruit with the cookie cutters and use a pretzel to poke a hole in the bottom. If the pretzel breaks, eat it and use a different one.

Use another piece of dried fruit as the “ground”. These work as either trees or flowers. They are also great as a candy replacement since they recall lollypops and those gummy candies. I have noted several children who do think these are candies. Indeed, kids do still need to be reminded that they need to brush their teeth well after eating dried fruit trees. For a more tree-ish effect, raisins could be added as “fruit” or “flowers.”

And for anyone worried that we might be wasting food, not to worry, everything got eaten. Dried fruit trees are a rather nice snack.

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