Awash in Flowers for Hair

child made large fabric flower barretteMy chug/class is bursting with flowers these days, just in time for Tu B’shvat. We are awash in flowers. The top flower is a barrette. It is a circle which the creator stitched around and then pulled to make it puffy and flower shaped. You can sort of see where the thread is pulled. She used felt as the center of the flower and attached it to a headband. Apparently it was extremely popular amongst her classmates but not so much with a teacher who felt it would be more appropriate for Shabbat then in conjunction with the school uniform.

Here’s a few more:Felt flower shapes and button headband decoration made by a tween

As you can see, this photo has felt layered multi-sized flowers topped with a large button. The petals were made using coins as a “stencil.” The flower was then attached to a headband.

Below are three variations of this tutorial to make felt flower pins. I recommend looking at it because in the tutorial she adds string in a lovely way. The girls didn’t want to add string so the effect is different.

felt flower attached to a bag

The first is actually a pin without a central element. The next pin has a central button. The last uses longer petals and no central element.

Felt flower headband










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