Crochet Flowers for Rosh Chodesh

A quick project to add detail for Rosh Chodesh school outfits. Crochet flowers for Rosh Chodesh. This is actually a pin intended for pinning onto the required blue skirt for Rosh Chodesh. Some almost five year olds think that plain blue is not so pretty so now we’ve made a blue and pink flower pin to attach to solid blue skirts. However, the solid blue skirts that were “not pretty” were also Too Big and we settled for the blue jean skirt with pink embroidery. Thus the flower pin made its way to the hair rather than the skirt.

Why Blue and White Anyway?

One day I am actually going to look into when the blue and white requirement for clothing on Rosh Chodesh started. I am not overly fond of white shirts for small fry. They tend to be any other color but white when they come home.

Our school never did blue and white for Rosh Chodesh. Since we had uniforms every day,  Rosh Chodesh was the day we got to dress in regular clothing.

Quick and Easy

Anyway this is a quick and easy project. The only really different thing from a standard small crochet flower was decorating the centers of the flowers. Otherwise extremely standard. We could have made a different kind of flower as well. Perhaps a felt one or fabric one like the ones we’ve made in the workshop/chug in the past.

Here is another crocheted flower we’ve made:

handmade yellow crocheted flowerThis one we attached to a clip to hold things like towels, but it could easily have decorated a skirt or hair.

For a Bat Mitzvah Celebration

Any of these flowers can be made as an activity for a Bat Mitzvah celebration. In particular, if the celebration takes place around Tu B’shvat or Shavuot.

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