Bnei Mitzvah Surprise: Leatherdos or Clippa Kippah Clips

Leatherdos or Clippa clips a fun bnei mitzvah giftI’ve been admiring the Leatherdos or Clippa kippa clip project for a while. This is a neat product that was a result of a student project. A Holon design student, Yaacov Goldberg decided to play around with the kippa clip for his design object. He noted that kippa clips are often used for other things besides keeping a kippa from flying away.

Goldberg decided to build on the other uses of the clip and the result is the Leatherdos kippa clip and multi-tool. Dos is Hebrew slang for someone who is religious. It is perhaps slightly derogatory, which is maybe why they are marketed as Clippa clips also.

This is a really fun clip with multiple uses. He also has many pictures of the ways it could be used, and you can see he had a lot of fun making the examples.

I think this is a fun Bnei Mitzvah gift (and I have given this on occasion.) What I like about it is that its small (if sending a gift with traveling family or friends,) it makes a good cute add on to a more educational gift but would still be appreciated now by the young adult receiving it.

I have not given this to girls yet, but I keep eying that hexagon shape and thinking it would be perfect for a floral decoration like one of these flowers. I I have a feeling a Leatherdos or Clippa clip is not the clip you should wear on a plane.

Images courtesy Yaacov Goldberg, Leatherdos

Use 51 for Leatherdos or Clippa clips- cutting rope Use 51- cutting rope Use 36 for Leatherdos or Clippa clips- Shabbat candles or oil lightsUse 36 Shabbat oil lights

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