Tu B’shvat Garden

tu bshvat garden with recycled plastic bottle flowers In honor of Tu B’shvat I thought i would share this garden created by one of our local schools. The garden includes both plants and plastic bottle recycled flowers. All were all “grown” by students with disabilities and it came out quite neat. They also grow herbs and plants which they sell and I always enjoy walking past their “hothouse” to see what they are working on.

tu bshvat garden with recycled plastic bottle flowersOur more humble Tu B’shvat garden experiments were with planting vegetable cuttings. We were doing potato and celery. Pictured is the celery. We’ve tried celery before but this time, are having the most luck. You can see the proud grower (or at least the hand of the proud grower) holding our little garden for the picture. It has already grown quite a bit since I took this photo. We peeled back some of the stalks once it started growing, we’ll see what happens next. You can check out other growing projects in our Tu Bshvat section.

Growing celery from cuttings

Tu B’Shvat is about the new year of the trees. Since this is relevant for crops that are part of Matanot Aniyim (Gifts for the Poor) such as Peach Shichacha and Leket I’d like to share Machon Torah VHaaretz’s “Torah Land” resource, games, printouts and videos as well as our own resource on Peah and Leket roleplaying a guest post from our Mitzvot Unplugged series.

You can also check out our pinterest board for Tu BShvat and our group board for Jewish education.

For those of you looking for bencher covers related to Tu B’Shvat, you can find them here:

Holiday Bencher Covers

Do you have some resources you want to share? Tu BShvat projects that you’ve made and love? We’d love to hear about and see new ideas.

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