Back to School with Covid-19: Alcogel hangers

This years back to school looks nothing like other years. Some children will be distance learning, some will be learning in person. Some schools have already gone back to school. Others are about to start. Locally most schools start September 1, with Yeshivas, already back since Rosh Chodesh Elul.

Where we are its hard to know who will be distancing and who won’t. A representative of our local municipality educational division noted that they aimed for students who will be distancing to have no less than three days of school in school, not distanced. It still is not completely clear which rules win, which loose out, in each school and whether there will be a strike or new changes. Making sense of it all and deciding what is right for our families, has been fairly stressful. I wish all of us success in keeping our families safe.

DIY alcogel hangers to hang from your bag using ribbon and washi tape

In the meantime, for those who are going back to school, these alcogel hangers are an easy project and an addition to your school bag. The advantage of this alcogel hanger is that it can dangle on the outside of your bag to prevent extended searching at the bottom of a bag pocket.

These we actually made as end of year gifts for my children’s teachers. My kids didn’t physically return to school but did still thank their teachers as we have in years past. Younger students may need assistance with finishing the project but overall it is an easy and quick craft. The hanger below was made by a preschooler using ribbon with an adhesive backing:

A hanging alcogel holder for a bag made by a preschooler

Resources for Alcogel Hangers

We used travel size bottles that a local pharmacy had on sale, packaging tape, ribbons, duct tape, and washi tape we had at home. I freely admit that there were many times over lockdown that I was thankful for my hoarding tendencies, especially when it comes to art supplies.
Thinking about the design, I felt that it would be best for the opening of the bottles to hang down for easy access.


bottle with ribbon to start a hanging alcogel holder.
  • Tape the ribbon to make a loop for hanging. The loop needs to be large enough to allow the bottle to slip through.
  • Wrap your additional ribbon around the bottle checking for spaces and then cover with tape.
  • You can also use decorative duct tape or washi tape to wrap the bottle and ribbon.
taping with duct tape alcogel for a hanging alcogel holder.

Note for some my kids chose to color in the duct tape designs.
The teachers did appreciate the gifts. We also made some other versions we are proud of, using some great recyclable materials.

Some of the alcogel hanging bottles made

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