Jewish Informal Education Pinterest Collaborative Board

Do you pin? Do you pin about Jewish education or crafts?

I’ve set up a collaborative pin board for Jewish education, crafts and the like. If you are interested in joining, leave a comment here or on the facebook page or on pinterest. I have asked that people only pin things for which they have permission. This means either your own content, content by someone from whom you’ve asked permission, or someone who it is clear has given permission.

Meaning, if a blogger has clearly added a “pin it” button, has a pinterest account where they’ve already shared that particular item you want to share or has a clear Creative Commons Licence which would make it ok to share on Pinterest, then share it forward. If not, please don’t.

This is just my museum background kicking in. Having worked with rights and reproduction departments in various cultural institutions, I try to be extra careful about other people’s copyright. I know lots of people don’t realize they may be infringing and assume people want their content shared. But it can be, and not everyone want it shared forward for whatever reason. Or they just might want to be asked. So I ask that people contributing to the board also try to be extra careful.

Comments? Pinners? Share below.

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