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Collaborative Jewish Themed Pinterest Boards Add Yours on the comments on the postI wanted to create a list of Jewish content collaborative pinterest boards. Why? Outside of this blog, I also do community building and web design for non-profits and artists, with a particular focus on Pinterest. For many of them, having access to collaborative boards with an audience interested in Jewish themes is important. In particular, for those businesses and non-profits that have a focus on Jewish topics such as Jewish education, life cycles or art. While they can and do contribute to general collaborative boards on Pinterest, having boards that are specific to their niche is also important.

For this reason, I have started to compile a list of Jewish themed Pinterest collaborative boards. Today the number of boards like this is growing, but there were very few when I started to compile this list.

This list is just a beginning. I am sure there are more boards. If you know about any that you would like to share, please do comment below so I can add them. Note that boards may change their policies about adding new pinners, so you will need to check for yourself to see whether you still can join.

In addition, I have created a board to post all these boards to. If you have something that you’d like to add, please comment in the comments below. Please do include how someone should ask to get added in the comments as well.

Education, the arts and crafts

Jewish art Leave a comment there or on this post.

Jewish informal education and craft Leave a comment there or on this post.

Jewish Holiday Love

Passover Fun For Kids

Women and Halacha Leave a comment or email social at

Kosher Tot (for ages 0-5) email email twinsrock at or go to the blog post and add a comment.

Life cycle events

♥ Jewish Weddings | Jevel Wedding Planning ♥

Mikveh Night Leave a comment or email social at


Celebrate! Bar and Bat Mitzvah Leave a comment there or on this post.



Healthy Hannukah Recipes

Favorite Cookbooks Kosher Jewish General

Healthy Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur Recipes

Healthy Sukkot Recipes

Healthy Purim Recipes

Purim Inspiration Request an invitation via facebook

Purim Ideas and Recipes

Passover Central be in touch with Renee Jocyln 

Healthy Passover Recipes

Passover To be added email mara at

Please add more in the comments!

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