Pinterest Board Purim content from Birkat Chaverim

Purim is coming and we wanted to remind you that we have many many ideas for Purim on our Pinterest boards. Pinterest board Purim content resides on our Purim, Jewish informal education and craft, and Jewish Art boards. Throughout these boards you can find a range of pins. From craft ideas, educational ideas, recipes, to Jewish art works related to the upcoming holiday. As a reminder, both our Jewish ArtĀ  and Jewish Informal Education and Crafts boards are community boards and have a range of pinners who frequently contribute new content.

I am excited about both of these boards. I personally enjoy helping artists market their work. In another life, I build websites, social communities for artists and small businesses and also studied Jewish art as part of my masters. I also have a great interest in Jewish informal education so I love having a place for people to bounce ideas off one another.

If you are interested in participating on these boards please do contact us to join.

Pinterest board Purim content

Here is a glimpse of some recent Pinterest board Purim content:

Screenshot of the Purim Birkat Chaverim Pinterest Board

As you can see on the Purim board here you can see Mishloach Manot ideas, costume ideas, something fun for the symbol of the month of Adar, and one of our pins from our digital wrapper collection.

Screenshot of the Jewish Art Collaborative Pinterest Board from Birkat Chaverim

On the collaborative Jewish Art Collaborative board you can see works by member artists and art historians, ephemera from theĀ  National library of Israel (JNUL), and again some works from Birkat Chaverim. The JNUL is a member of the board, but in this case I posted this for them.

There has been alot of pin action lately, so you’ll have to scroll down to see these exact pins. In addition, our Jewish Informal Education and Crafts Collaborative Board has also been hopping with Purim content.

As noted, several of these pins are Birkat Chaverim pins, from our Purim Digital Wrapper collections. As a reminder here is a photo, not pinned but still cute:

Mini Purim cupcake wrappers displayed as a backdrop to text Latest Purim pins from the Birkat Chaverim Pinterest BoardsDo you want to join these boards? Look over the rules of the boards and feel free to be in touch.

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