Ikea Hack- child’s refrigerator

Ikea Refrigerator Hack Made out of Expedit Cardboard BoxesOne of the reasons I’ve been a bit slow to post around here (besides baby and work) is that we are still catching up and unpacking from moving over the summer. I thought I would share this little child’s refrigerator that we made because its:

1. Fun

2. Useful for storing kids toys

3. A recycling project

4. A project that can be done with 4 years+

Basically we bought an Expedit for the children’s room. I’ve been trying to figure out storage ideas so that things go back to the right place. One idea was this refrigerator for all the kitchen type toys. We used the boxes that the Expedit came in and covered it with shiny contact paper. We added magnets. I wanted it to fit into one of the shelves.

We currently moved it a little higher up to protect it from the baby.

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