Simple craft for sukkot

sukkotpicsThese are not such original ideas but they can be a fun holiday toy for a young child in synagogue or wherever. The idea of using a matchbox as a house came from, where she has many lovely ideas in general, but in particular really sweet things out of matchboxes.

I just modified her idea for the holidays and for use with a smaller child who is a bit rough on toys. I did not add many embellishments because they were liable to be chewed or pulled off and I didn’t make them into necklaces. I made a sukkah with a little girl doll (bead, pipe cleaner, part of an old shirt, yarn), and a shul with felt Torah, Torah cover, kiddush cup and synagogue backdrop. This is a really quick project. It could probably be used as an actual matchbox holder for lighting candles for Shabbat and holidays. It is a great project to do with children older than mine, although she had many ideas of what I should put in the box (“Ima make a shofar, make besamim.” “Ima can you make me a house too?”)

I had actually been saving the matchboxes to make into rolling ball games using historic Jewish sites, but I have not gotten around to that yet. Perhaps we’ll do that this year in the doll clothing classes (we do go off topic sometimes.) I will probably add a lulav and etrog to the sukkah and some other items to the synagogue.

You may also be interested in this Pomegranate craft or fruit hanging to hang in your sukkah.

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