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Have you seen Martha Stewarts visit to the Streit’s Matzah factory? This is a fun view for children to get into the Passover season and start thinking about Passover. Chabad has a program where they come into day schools and make Matzah with the students. These matzahs are not actually kosher for Passover, however, the process is basically the process to make matzah, and the students get alot out of the experience.

Martha Stewart's Streit's Tour

Private Matzah Making

In our neighborhood in the past few years, there are a number of private matzah making options with more and more open to the public and children. These are kosher for Passover options. These options also allow for making matzah out of grains besides wheat.

The Israel Museum has a great installation of matzah making using historic footage. I have found it mesmerizing and highly recommend viewing it if you have a chance.

Have you made matzah at home?



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