Lots of Pesach ideas from other people

I was just motivated to write this Pesach post by a great facebook group started by a friend called “Great Seder Ideas for Kids!” There are lots of great ideas and looking at who is posting you can see a great many people who have been involved in informal and formal education. So really many many creative ideas.

Their website Sicha Basadeh is also a growing resource for educational materials. For Pesach there are coloring sheets and other materials related to baking matzah.

Chinuch.org is always a good place to find fun Pesach activities- we will be doing the “Look at Me” Hagaddah and the Rod of Moshe.

When I was in sixth grade we did a unit on Egypt and did a little “museum.” I think I made a chariot and one of my classmates created names using hieroglyphics. That could be a fun pre-Pesach activity. See Wikipedia for some examples.

I will be posting craft ideas and other stuff as Pesach approaches.

Note: The Matzah making machine photo courtesy of Wikimedia commons from TheĀ Lviv Museum of the History of ReligionĀ under a sharealike license.

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