Sheva Brachot Ideas

A while back I asked on the Birkat Chaverim facebook page for ideas of activities to do at Sheva Brachot. Here are some of the responses I got, along with others I collected.

  • Play the “newly-wed game”
  • Create a picture together with attendees (only a good idea if there is some guiding along the way because otherwise the couple will never hang it up.) This could be a painting or a mosaic of a family photo etc.
  • Make practical items for their home (placemats, decorative cups, trivets, besamim items, aprons, mezuzot cases, an herb garden etc.) This can be geared to a variety of ages. For instance, placemats could be sewn, woven or just pieces of plastic covered with stickers.
  • Give them advice or a recipe collection. This is somewhat popular but a nice take on this can be found at Me oh my mama with a variety of questions to answer.

I would love to hear other ideas!

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