Mishloach Manot Ideas

We should be making these, and we are in the middle but i thought i’d post these before Purim finishes inside and outside walled cities-

We were inspired by this idea for edible crayons to make edible crayons and erasers as our two foods for mishloach manot. Our erasers are apricots but it would be easier to use hershey mini chocolates. Pretzels are a pretty standard Israeli brand size but one can use longer ones and cut them. We are about halfway done in prep and we’ll see how far we get. Im including a pdf if anyone wants to still do this. The eraser papers should fit Hershey chocolates.

PDF: Purim Crayon Pretzel Template

What I thought we’d do this year (before I realized how tired I still was three weeks after giving birth) was reusing glass jars and filling them with homemade granola and hot chocolate on a stick based on the idea posted at sprinkle bakes.  Maybe next year!

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