I Spy Mishloach Manot


Purim I Spy Mishloach Manot via Birkat ChaverimWe like I Spy around here. For Purim last year we prepared Purim I Spy Mishloach Manot. I am sharing them here with you. The advantages of I Spy Mishloach Manot are they are easy to prepare, which was really important last year as I was about to have a baby. We used recycled coffee containers, and my  kids were able to help fill them up. For Purim foods, we used fishies and homemade chocolate hammentashen. The filler was popcorn. We wrapped Purim characters around little chocolate bars and added some clowns and masks.

Purim I Spy Mishloach Manot via Birkat Chaverim

Chocolate Hammentashen via Birkat Chaverim

We attached the list of things to “spy” to the lid of the container.

If you add non-food items, make sure they are large enough not to be a choking hazzard.


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