Mishloach Manot containers

Toilet paper roll cats in red, black and purple for Mishloach Manot. One egg headed roll in the background.

Adar means Purim and Purim means megilla, seuda, and mishloach manot. Mishloach Manot, of course, require containers to hold them in and that’s what this post is about. Mishloach Manot containers. The hand made sort of course.

The Container Expert

Martha Stewart is queen of hand made containers. A few possible containers include Candy Cones and another sort of favor cone.  These can be decorated with Purim stamps or appropriate paper or could fit a theme.

Another simple Martha Stewart idea uses decorated mailing tube.

Our Variation on the Mailing Tube

We are doing a variation on the mailing tube using toilet paper rolls. My daughter wants to dress up as a cat and I have been saving toilet paper rolls for a long time. I came across a cute Where the Wild Things toilet paper craft, and that’s what our cats are based on. Only our cats have something on the bottom and are a little easier to make for almost three year olds. The idea is the same, however. It still involves the same idea of folding the top down on either side to make ears.

Other paper roll experiments

We also experimented with some other toilet paper projects. We tried a cat egg head and based on the “Grandpa Gregg” and “Aunt Peggy” egg projects from Family Fun, one of my chug/class participants made this cute girl:

Girl using hard boiled egg and a toilet paper roll. Yarn hair. Intended to match a Shirley Temple costume.

The head, of course is too small. Unfortunately, that egg is one of a number of eggs that I have, and they are not extra large! My class participant wants to use a chocolate egg for the head. Her design matches her Shirley Temple costume. It would be fun to see other costumes to match a project like this.

Other paper roll projects

Other toilet paper roll projects that can easily be adapted to small mishloach manot are:

Toilet paper roll animals
Toilet paper roll figures
Toilet paper roll clown

For those you need to make sure to close the top and bottom of the toilet paper rolls.

This cow has a bit more room for mishloach manot but requires four closures.

And on the Toy a Day blog there are lots of boxes in the shapes of cute figures which could be used to match a costume or just for fun.

Ideas for Content

One last idea- not a container although it becomes self contained. Martha Stewart button cookies– you can easily package these cookies and lollypops or even thin carrot sticks together as a self contained package.

See also the post on Masks.

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