More about the Doll Clothing Chug

I think I neglected to mention that this doll clothing making chug takes place in Jerusalem. I thought I would mention it now.
For the fourth week I originally thought we would do accessories because of the smaller amount of sewing required. in the end one girl decided she wanted to do a skirt and top (minimal sewing) and the others finished off their shorts. I on the other hand made slippers out of cardboard and electrical tape for my daughter’s doll.

I am getting more requests about the chug. I got a call from a mother who would like to bring two girls, a sister who wants to send her sister and the mother of two sisters. I think if I get all the extra girls, I will try to enforce a everyone working on the same sort of project at the same time rule so that i will be able to help everyone with the same sorts of problems at the same time. I think i will also enforce a clean up regime so i dont end up cleaning everything up.
I have been warning the girls who don’t have the patience to sew that some of their workarounds are not going to work in the long run. Gluing foam accents onto fabric with “Elmer’s glue” is not a long term solution.

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