Finished projects from the doll clothing course/chug

I wanted to post pictures of some of the finished projects from the doll clothing classes. The girls are very creative and are always coming up with new ideas. I don’t have pictures of all the works made in the class, but I’d like to share what I can.

Finished shorts:
bear-shorts-frontBuild a bear sheep is sporting a happy birthday hat. The shorts are made from an old t-shirt (seen in other posts). I like how the tail part of the shorts came out-

doll-shoes2Patterns is based on a Martha Stewart baby bootie pattern and modified for the doll. Ribbon was added to make ballet slipper type shoes.

bb_jacketThis was completely designed by a participant based on a jean skirt in our scrap pile. It came out really well and did not require alot of sewing.

On a different topic- one participant designed a “Dress a boy” felt board.
felt board

An earlier project design by a participant who wanted to do something without any sewing whatsoever.
These are not all the projects, but unfortunately I didn’t manage to photograph everything. Some participants have also made foam visors in addition to other clothing items that didn’t make it into pictures.

For other examples of doll and bear clothing and accessory projects see some of the earlier posts:
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