Passover Mandala Place cards

Passover Mandala Placecards design example

We are spending the seder with family. My kids were asked to make place cards for everyone. My children liked the idea and were brainstorming what type of designs to make. All types of ideas were raised. At the same time, my son has suddenly had an urge for coloring mandalas. He has been asking me to print out various designs to color and my daughter has been interested in mandalas made by a friend’s mom. We therefore thought it might be fun to make mandala place settings. Which we did.

I spent a bit of time figuring out how to setup a kiddush cup design for Passover mandala place cards. It took more time than I thought, but I think I will try it out another time, when I come up with an idea. I am open to suggestions for future ideas.

Do you want to make Passover mandalas too? I am sharing the template with you below.

Send us pictures if you end up using them!

Passover Kiddush Cup mandala placecards

Are you looking for ideas besides Passover Mandala Place cards? You can check out other Passover ideas on our pinterest boards. In addition, we have Passover cupcake wrappers in the shop and other Passover content on the website. For instance, a great resource for Passover, is Rav Mitch a”h’s Passover Haggadah. We are always happy to hear about your ideas to make Passover fun for children. Please do share your ideas in the comments.

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