Kosher For Passover homemade playdough

Playdough without flourPlaydough is usually made out of flour, which obviously is not ok for use on Passover. I have seen alternative gluten free recipes with rice flour or corn flour. What I hadn’t seen was potato flour, a main staple on Passover (especially if you are of Ashkenazi decent.)

We had  reason to make some homemade playdough so this is what we came up with:

100 grams baking soda

130 grams water

200 grams potato starch

Mix together and cook over a low flame until the consistency is playdough-ish. Add color, as desired. If its too sticky, add more potato starch. It has a different consistency from regular playdough, but it is quite nifty to play with and potato starch also feels different from flour so its quite a tactile experience for small fry. A good activity on Passover, or to use up potato starch afterwards. Oh, and don’t leave the bag of potato starch within reach of a two year old.


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