Super Excited about an Omer calendar

My son came home extremely excited a few weeks ago from nursery school. He had just received an omer calendar that he thought was particularly cool. Not only that, but he wanted to fill it out RIGHT NOW. Scratch off the correct day of the Omer and continue to use it until Shavuot.

He started to describ how he needs to use a coin. As he was speaking, I was thinking, “This sounded alot like the omer calendar we had made many moons ago in our art chug.” Then he showed me the calendar. And indeed, it was a scratch off omer calendar. Of course, his was printed by Chemed, the religious Zionist school resources and not made by hand by children.

I liked the layout and am including it as an example for when YOU make your own omer calendar. So please do compare the one they provided, the one we made, and come up with your own. You can additionally use our omer calendar template as your base.

If you want to use another color instead of black scratch off like we did, no problem! For example, this tutorial uses turquoise acrylic paint.

Send us a photo of what you’ve made. 

I always enjoy watching my kids getting excited about something they have learned about in school. We are lucky to have some great educators with creative ways to inspire and motivate our kids.

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