Omer calendar templates

omer calendar templateIts getting a bit late to post these but here they are anyway- Omer calendar templates that can be used with the “scratch and win” omer calendar idea (or with any other idea.) If you use them please share your omer calendar, I would love to see how they get used.

I’m posting two templates. The first is for a duo fold calendar (page divided into three and which stands in a triangle shape.) The second one should fit in a cd case and is great as a table top calendar.

Omer cd tray templateTemplates:

Foldings page Omer calendar (A4 paper)

CD tray Omer calendar with crop marks

I would really love to see what people come up with so please email me, add a comment or add a photo to the facebook group. There are just so many opportunities to be creative with Omer calendars.

Omer Calendar Teach us to treasure each day, Susan FelixSeveral years ago I had an opportunity to go to an exhibit at the SF JCC library on contemporary Omer calendars. There were several neat ones but this one by my friend Susan Felix is still my favorite (thanks for allowing me to include a picture Susan!) Susan’s work is pit fired ceramics, this piece adds calligraphy, wood frame and metal rods for an abacus style omer calendar. To see more of Susan’s work please visit her site.

My niece also mentioned a new practical omer calendar she saw recently. The idea is to make sure everyone in the household remembers to count. Each family member is assigned a light in a box. When they count, they turn off the light. Whomever forgets is reminded by the other members of the household who can see who has and has not already counted.

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