Omer calendars

I keep meaning to post these and not getting to it so here goes. Here are some omer calendars we’ve come up with this year:

Matchbox omer calendar: These are made out of matchboxes and three “dice” each to make sure there are enough numbers to count 49 days.

I keep calling this one scratch and snif calendar but its really a scratch and win type. This one isn’t finished yet and a few other girls would like to make this type too but with a grid that I am supposed to provide. I will try to link it to this post once I finish it. UPDATE: See this post for the omer calendar template link.

The idea is to create your bottom calendar layer then cover with clear contact paper and then paint over it with paint. This one will probably get extra paint in different shapes. If you noticed, there is an extra large area at the bottom which is a painted over Har Sinai.

This last one started as a peg turner type, meaning a hole in the center and the dice beaded through a peg and which would be rotated to show the correct day of the omer. It sort of morphed shape because I don’t currently have a drill and although an attempt was made to use a scissor to cut the hole, it did not quite work. I would love to see this as a rotating peg calendar though so if anyone ends up making one I would love to see it. I would also like to see them with prettier letters- I had suggested magazines but no one was interested.
We have one more idea using matchboxes but have not had the time to finish it. I’ll post it if we get to it.

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