Omer CD case calendar for Older Kids

This is a take on the Omer CD case calendar for older kids. You may or may not recall that I posted an Omer calendar project to help kids count towards Shavuot, for pre-school aged kids that used recycled cd cases. I also provided a template for that calendar as well as for another type of Omer calendar.

A while back my daughter was celebrating her birthday in school. She was supposed to organize a craft for her class to do. After agonizing back and forth, we decided that the CD case calendar craft could still be a good one, even though the children were older children. However, since the students were older, she could make use of their greater abilities and technical skills.

Omer CD case calendar for Older Kids

Below is a sample calendar that we prepared to help the students understand what the end result could look like.

The front:

Omer CD case calendar for Older Kids front

The back:

Omer CD case calendar for Older Kids inside

The project went over well, the girls had a good time. The teacher was also happy as teachers are always happy to have projects tie in to what they are teaching. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of what the girls did as my daughter did not have a camera in school. Even if she had one, I don’t think she would have wanted to take pictures just for the blog. However, I was told everyone had a good time, and my daughter was certainly happy about the outcome.

You can do this project with your students and children as well using the template in the blog. We have other omer calendar projects. For instance, the scratch and win style omer calendar. For other Shavuot projects , check out the Shavuot section of the blog.

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