Getting Rid of Hametz

Photo of Homemade gingerale made to use up yeast pre Passover via Birkat ChaverimPesach is coming and getting rid of hametz is a large part of the frenzy of preparing for the holiday, even if you sell hametz before the holiday or give away hametz to families in need. We have been doing a few different fun things in the getting rid of hametz category. The bonus, if you start early enough and make quantities in bulk you have stuff to eat when everyone is starving and no one once to mess up cleaning the kitchen.

Our Getting Rid of Hametz Ideas

  • We made oatmeal freezer bars. I’ve been meaning to try these for a while and a bag of open oatmeal was a good opportunity. We made the recipe following first so did not have enough oatmeal for the recipe so we added whole wheat flour too. A big hit all around, easy as snack or breakfast although a little messy for the under 3 set.

photo of homemade oatmeal made to work on getting rid of hametz via Birkat Chaverim

  • Instant oatmeal based on the recipe at Cha Ching on a Shoestring. This both helped finish off our oatmeal and some items in our emergency kit. We used half the quantity of oatmeal in the recipe and ground three cups. We also used real milk powder. I thought it was a little sweet (and definitely needs maple syrup!) but my kids like it and its an easy breakfast or snack that they can get themselves. For some ideas for other add ins you can take a look at the suggestions on Oh My Veggies.
  • Homemade soda with yeast. We made ginger ale. This needs some more experimenting since I forgot to check on it after 48 hours and ours got a bit bitter but it is something we want to try again. This can be done several times before Passover and is a great science experiment. There are many ways to do this, here is one recipe. You can also try as a comparison fermenting soda on Pesach using whey from yogurt in a non-Hametz experiment. You can try this recipe for Rhubard and Honey soda.
  • We haven’t done it but I am remembering one year that my mom made a leftover Purim candy cake. I don’t remember all the things that went into it except maybe peanutbutter cups. I do remember that it was finished almost immediately.


What suggestions do you have to add?

If you are looking for ideas for the seder, we have a number to offer. Take a look in the Pesach section of the blog. For instance, this review of Rav Mitch’s Passover Haggadah which is chock full of seder ideas.

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