Teacher appreciation: Kid Made Pens

Kid made play doe pens for teacher appreciation gifts via birkat chaverimIts that season where kids show their teachers they appreciate them. These pens were made by an almost 2.5 year old for his gannenot (teacher/day care providers.) These are made out of a type of play doe that dries to a soft bouncy texture. Its kind of neat to hold and fun for a kid to make them. A two year old can do most of the work by his or herself (with a bit of instruction from an adult in not covering the pen tips.)

They are quite easy to make. Basically you wrap the pen with the play doe and decorate as desired. For two year olds alot of the design work is about making “snakes” and “balls” and choosing which colors and where to stick them. Afterwards, also rolling the whole play doe mass into a “snake”-ish form and then leaving them to dry. They are appropriate for any age though, and the designs are only limited by creativity and materials on hand. We chose to make pens because some of the teachers are planning on going  to school next year and they seemed useful. For a larger gift, a kid could also make a pen holder or add erasers or other art supplies.

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