Teacher Appreciation

Teacher appreciation accordion bookTomorrow is my daughter’s last day in gan for the year and today is her end of the year party. We wanted to do something as a teacher appreciation. We decided to give the four teachers each one gift from the whole gan. Part of the gift is something returnable 🙂 and part of it is something from the children.

I asked all the parents to send a photo of their child and a quote “What is your favorite thing about gan?” Its a good thing I asked for this a few weeks in advanced. The head gannenet (pre-school teacher) also asked for quotes for the other gannenot and it might have been difficult to get the materials we needed given the additional requests. Small children do not have a large attention span for multiple requests for the same type of information.

Teacher appreciation accordion book openedMy plan was to make accordion books from the pictures, quotes and some pictures I had collected from a few of the children in the gan. I printed out the pictures and text, and assembled the books using cardboard, ribbon, and sections from the children’s pictures. I hand wrote “What is your favorite thing about gan?” on the four of the children’s drawings to use for the cover. This is not so easy on crayon!

I did a layout where two pages (one on the front of the accordion and one on the back) included the children’s quotes. Each child had a page of their own (except in the case where there were two children in one picture.) The last page says “Thank you for helping us grow!”

Accordion books are forgiving if not folded or cut exactly to measurement:

Teacher appreciation accordion book frontTeacher appreciation accordion book opened

Pictures are blurred to protect the privacy of the children and their families. The main difficulty in the project was a blunt knife for cutting the pages to the correct size and protecting the books from my daughter who wanted to be in charge of them. In all a fun teacher appreciation.

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