New school year craft

Im not sure this qualifies as a craft but we have been working on getting excited for our new school year. We decided to write a letter (or rather dictate a letter) to the new gannenet. I thought this would be fun for several reasons. First it would get my daughter excited about her new teacher, make her feel like she already has a relationship with her as well as make her feel excited about her first day of school.

I also like the idea of emphasizing pre-reading and writing skills. We have been writing down her stories this summer as well as writing emails and letters to friends and family members. I enjoy this for the type of content that generally appears as well as because it generally tells me whats important to my daughter at this moment (although given that these letters invariably include well wishes for a baby I think I probably could have guessed.)

Finally, I like the idea of having my daughter let her new teacher know what’s important to her. It takes time to learn about 30 new kids, this way my daughter is telling her teacher a little bit about herself and making it that much easier for her teacher to learn about her. I think it may also be fun/amusing for a teacher to receive such a note from a student. It sort of reminds me of a family story of a family member who would go to his own Parent-teacher meetings (since his parents were in another country and could not attend,) and ask his teachers, “How am I doing?” This is sort of the opposite but quirky nevertheless.

For the new gannenet my daughter want to start with a bracha/blessing for the new teacher. I find this part of it fun as well because as a four year old the most important and best thing she can think of is having a new baby or a chocolate milk. I have also asked her to include something she wants the gannenet to know about her. This one is harder for her conceptually, but I think she’ll come up with some fun ideas.

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