Back to School: Decorating Pencils

Back To School Decorating Pencils with Kids via Birkat ChaverimWe made decorated pencils to break in the idea of going back to school. Decorating Pencils is a great multi-age craft for the beginning of the school year.We made these pencils with children ages 3 through 8. It was also popular with a 14 year old so I would say it would work across grade levels overall. It would make a great Bar/Bat Mitzvah craft, especially if you donated the supplies to children for school.

We did a few types of decorations (glue involved in all!):

1. Wrapping pencils in pretty papers (most of which were scraps we had from gifts.) We wanted to make our own paper but did not have time.

2. Wrapping pencils with yarn- I had envisioned fully covering the pencils but the children enjoyed experimenting.

3. Wrapping with pipe cleaners and other flexible items. Here I thought we might get some animals but we didn’t. Maybe you will!

Interestingly enough, the pencil that was the biggest hit amongst the children was made by a three year old boy with yarn and a pipe cleaner. All the other children made comments such as “Wow! How did he do that?” “That looks great!”

We have decorated pencils and pens with other materials as well. You can see an example in this teacher appreciating gift post. I like those ones too because they are easy for small children to make and a fun texture.

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