Some more fun things for Hanukkah

Here are a few more fun things for Hanukkah/Chanukkah:
Taltalim fondent projectThe first two are in Hebrew but have a lot of pictures so for readers who don’t read Hebrew, you can get the gist of the project anyway.

How to for a fondant dreidel necklace My thanks to Tal Tsafrir from Taltalim for allowing me to include a link and use an image of the project.

Hanukkah gelt (money) is a big thing for children and really the more traditional custom (in contrast to gift giving) for this holiday. Make your own chocolate Hanukkah gelt using actual coins as guides.

For families planning Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations or even weddings during this time, you could actually personalize Hanukkah gelt by creating round stickers with your information, to place on the outside of the gelt. Or if you wanted to be really fancy (and if bringing food items without Kosher certification to your celebration location is not a problem,) you could make a mold for poured chocolate with names and so forth.

Here’s another Hanukkah item where you can make your own mold or buy it ready made. I love these draidel crayons. The ones depicted can be ordered through Oriental Trading Company, but you could equally make your own using a small plastic draidel as a mold.

Oil or candles are a big part of Hanukkah. A tutorial for rolled beeswax candles and other candle making can be found at Candlehelp. For oil, it would be fun to do projects related to the properties of oil and water. In particular, when getting your oil and wicks ready, adding water and food coloring below the oil.

For other Hanukkah ideas see:Some Hanukkah Craft IdeasHanukkah is coming related artwork, or Felt Food Latke tutorial Hanukkah lights and a few more projects

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