Dreidel Crayons for Hanukkah

dreidel crayons for HanukkahFor years I have really wanted to make dreidel crayons. So imagine how excited I was to find an old silicon dreidel mold at the local Emunah “white elephant” sale.

Dreidel silicon mold and boat silicon mold snagged at the Emunah white elephant saleIt was a shekel or so. We also snagged a boat silicon molds and I told my kids that we were going to make crayons and such out of them.

Only we took our time about it. Then, when we were all home sick we had a chance to make them. We broke out our broken crayon stash and melted them in old metal containers in the oven (on low.) We then poured the wax into the mold. I was toying with the idea of turning the crayons into candles, however the kids snagged them pretty much right away.

dreidel mold filled

We also made soap using the boat molds. We melted the soap the same way. The soap actually took less time to melt. My kids loved how these came out, but are not into using them. They would rather stash them away. I sort of thought we should try to put a rope through them for “boats on ropes.”

Dreidel crayons Boat Soaps


For more information on making crayons see How to make crayons from broken crayons.

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