Yom Haatzmaut Hebrew Letter… chalk

mazal tov homemade chalk Hebrew letters

This is a chalk project for Yom Haatzmaut. The connection being Hebrew letters, blue and white letters, as well as a useful activity when you are out in the park bbq-ing. We have found these to be useful when we go to the park with friends.

Blue and White homemade chalkHow We Did It

Here’s an example of blue and white packaged chalk (Mem and Tet for Mazal Tov Medinat Yisrael on your birthday.)┬áBasically these just include plaster, paint and water and can be made in any mold. They are fairly forgiving in terms of amounts although less so about bubbles in the dried chalk. We chose a Hebrew letter mold. For Yom Haatzmaut they could also be made in a flag mold or other appropriate symbol shape.

We actually made these as gifts for my daughter’s friends for her birthday party in gan. They are extremely easy to do with a 3-4 year old and they are fun for this age group afterwards as well. They recognize many or all of the Hebrew letters so they can identify them themselves. Even if they don’t recognize the letters, they enjoy finding their letters, those in their name or they can make pictures with them.

Packaged homemade chalk.Packaging

We packaged them up in clear little bags with an image of a chalkboard and some text (Mazal Tov Gir Btzurot Otiyot- Chalk shaped like letters) just to make sure that no one ate the chalk thinking it was candy. I thought it could happen since the colors were pastel-ly and there are those little candies that are chalk-like. We have made other projects with molds, we tend to enjoy them. For instance these dreidel crayons for Purim.

I recommend looking for molds at “white elephant sales.” They tend to be inexpensive and great for these types of projects.

Aleph Bet Chalk a kid and parent project via birkat chaverim

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