Yom Haatzmaut resource (nail polish)

Applying blue nail polish as backdrop for text Yom Haatzmaut... nail polish

It is quite common around here to wear blue and white for Yom Haatzmaut. My daughter would love to add these Israeli flags nail decorations to that custom. In case that isn’t clear the flags are decorations, decals to put on the nails. If you are interested in decorating nails with actual nail polish. Midrash Manicures also has a tutorial about how to do flags on nails with nail polish. You can find the tutorial here. You could also do straight blue nail polish, as in the picture above, or alternate blue and white or the like.


Have you seen any Yom Haatzmaut “wear” that you appreciated?

Update: Looking back at this very short post, its interesting to see how people change. My five year old daughter loved nail polish, my eleven year old, not so much. We used to get some without formaldehyde but these days we get nail polish remover only to remove super glue.


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