Yom Haatzmaut Pop Up Card

Pop up card design for Yom Haatzmaut via Birkat Chaverim Presenting my daughter’s Yom Haatzmaut Pop Up card design. My daughter’s school emphasizes the contribution that each student can make in the school. One of the programs that they have created for this purpose is a “chanchut” or mentoring class once a month. Each month the older students get a story or theme to teach their first grade students. They also prepare some sort of craft to do with their students connected to the topic. The two rules for this are that they may not use food, and they should use resources they already have at home.

Usually there is a bit of agonizing about “What should I do? What should I do?” Sometimes we explore Pinterest together for different ideas, including those on the Birkat Chaverim boards related to the topic. We talk about materials she might want to use and then she comes up with an idea.

I rather enjoy these discussions because its fun for me to think about projects and fun for me to see what types of things my daughter is interested in doing.

This months project

This month we did not really have time to talk about her project, but she told me that she had an idea and she would show me her design when it was finished. The photo above is her design for the Yom Haatzmaut pop up card. Below in close up:

Pop up card for Yom Haatzmaut via Birkat Chaverim

I really enjoy it and I enjoy that she wants to share it here too. My daughter was also quite pleased with the results. She got interested in popup cards since the Kotel pop up card she made in school one year. Lately she’s been making cards with pop out elements and the Yom Haatzmaut card is of that type. She brought her template/test run for the Yom Haatzmaut pop up card to school. Apparently the lesson was “great!” Her first grader had done a good job and had enjoyed the project.

I can see doing something like this with all ages and it could be fun to have older kids help younger kids. I could also see using stickers for some of the pop outs.

A cute treat

My daughter also came home with a flag marshmallow. We’ve made some in the past but these are quite cute.

Marshmallow Flag for Yom Haatzmaut via Birkat Chaverim

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