Hanukkah Oil and Decorations

Its getting close to Hanukkah season. Here are a few projects I meant to post last year in time for Hanukkah but didn’t-

As a Hanukkah oil tie in: A fun Hanukkah oil craft is Marbelized paper. There is alot about this project in the marbelized paper post. I did this with our art chug last year (4/5 year olds.) We  made marbleized paper using canola oil and water based paint. On the way to our home we spoke about how oil and water don’t like to mix and that a major miracle of Hanukkah was oil/menorah related. Then i gave each of them little containers filled with oil and one color and told them to shake as hard as they could. We then used droppers to drop the oil mixture into a pan of water. Each girl got to dip a piece of paper into the tin, watch as the oil soaked through the paper, and pull the paper out.

It was an incredibly messy project, but fun. Note: do NOT try to pass the tin of water to a child when holding a baby. You are likely to spill the water all over the cut carrots left out for hungry four year olds.

We then used the paper that we made as covers for our little books. We spoke about writing stories with beginings, middles, and ends and everyone made up their own (which I helped them write down.)

Other fun projects:

Hanukkah kid craft decorationsThese are from my daughters gan- i like how they used weaving paper to make candles.

Also from gan- photo prints using Hanukkah motifs. As an aside, try and explain what a photo print is to a kid who is used to digital printing. Its not as easy as it used to be.


A mini project– A sciency tie in of talking about flames and heat. We did this last year and I hope to develop this more this year. Discussing the different colors in the flame and why they are different colors, where the flame is the hottest, and any other flame related questions the kids had. I also always like to talk about fire safety around Hanukkah and Lag B’Omer

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