Marbleized Paper Accordion Book

Sefer Zichronot Accordion BookI’ve mentioned our round robin art class where my 5 year old and a few of her friends meet up once a week to do art projects. We’ve done aprons and hair things like these and the other moms have done pencil holder, modge podged plate, fimo barrettes with draidels and menorahs, tzedaka box, puppets, “stain glass” and bakers dough projects. Our last effort has been marbleized paper using canola oil and water based paint (tie in to Hanukkah and oil.)

I kept their paper so we could use them to make little books. The idea was to do accordion books. I made up templates in English and Hebrew to help them along (Once Upon a Time…, and Then… The End). We also read a Sesame Street story about how to tell a Good night story to get the concept of beginning, middle and end. I was not sure if they would want to come up with their own stories or not so I kept a few ideas around just in case. Two of the girls chose to write versions about How Har Sinai was Chosen and one decided to do her interpretation of the Baby Moses story based on a book we have. She did a great job doing “copy work.”

We used recycled paper, recycled cardboard and string I had on hand.

I didn’t take photos of all of them, but below is what my daughter came up with:

Marble Paper Accordion Book open and closed

Note that the cover of the book says in Hebrew “Sefer HaZikronot” (Book of Memories/Journal/Diary.) This is because we had been talking about King Achashverosh reading his “diary” when he was having trouble sleeping. We discussed what types of things we would want to put in a diary and making our own diary. Originally the thought was to put nice things other people did (like Achashverosh,) in the end it seems to be nice stories.

Update: I posted the book insert template for English, Hebrew and German in this post.

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