Bencher and Hanukkah



Maoz Tzur Hanukkah Bnei Akiva Birkon AdditionWe had some good feedback from a Hanukkah Bat Mitzvah (Mazal Tov L.H.!) which used the Bnei Akiva bencher with an extra feature. The Bnei Akiva bencher doesn’t include Hanukkah texts ordinarily, so for this bat mitzvah, which included lighting the Hanukkah candles as part of the celebration, we added the blessings and Maoz Tzur to the back cover of the bencher, in the same style as the bencher. We are able to add content to the back, inside back, inside front and front cover of the bencher so we were happy to have the chance to do this. I hope it gets good useage.

The bencher also used our popular pink stripe design with the bat mitzvah girl’s invitation logo centered above the text.


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