Bencher or birkon covers

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have started a new category on the store website for sample bencher covers. I’ve noticed that people are not really sure what they can do with the color cover option, so the main reason is to give people ideas regarding what they can do. I will be including options for foil and black ink options too. The covers in this section may be used with a purchase of the Bnei Akiva birkon. ¬†Upon request, and with certain requirements, they could also be used in other contexts such as invitations and cards.

I have for years had a file of sample logo designs, so I will be adding those as cover samples as I get to it. I am also planning on adding some of my other designs (as I get to it) for web and print media. For the moment there are only a very few cover designs, but you can always ask me about other options available.

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