Update about the Bencher

I made a small change to how the Bnei Akiva benchers are listed on the website. Up until now the store had an additional option in the order options to order a “Custom Order.” Our intention there was that if someone did not want to use some of the existing designated designs or provide their own artwork, they could choose a custom designed logo option for a fee. This logo could be used for invitations and the bencher.

Some customers thought that if they upload their own design then they needed to pay a custom logo fee. I have since, added a description of the custom logo option, as well as changed how the custom logo option is referred to in the line item.

In addition, recently someone ordered a bencher with an existing border design but asked whether it would be possible to add another design from our design options above the text. You can find the new combined design in the cover design section in the Birkat Chaverim shop.

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