What does the Bnei Akiva bencher look like inside?

illustration for what does the bnei akiva bencher look like insideSometimes when people are looking to order a bencher they ask: “What does the Bnei Akiva bencher look like inside?” want to know what the pages look like. Generally we recommend ordering a sample bencher or visiting a local Bnei Akiva office, where there are some samples (call them first!)

What does the Bnei Akiva bencher look like inside?

The bencher is stylistically unified throughout. It utilizes two distinct border designs. The first design makes use of the seven species. This is fitting for the section of the Grace after Meals. Here is an excerpt:

Seven species border Bnei Akiva Bencher

The second design uses a nostalgic design of Israel architecture with trees and hills. You can see an example of this on the page with the table of contents:

table of contents bnei akiva bencherWe’ve posted two sample pages with each bencher listing on the shop page.

The bencher includes translations into English. Here is an example of a page in English:

Songs and praises detail bnei akiva bencher.

There are also some intermediate pages to break up sections. Here is an example of a section page. This is for the songs section:

Page from the Bnei Akiva Bencher

In addition, there are additional excerpts from the pages in various blog posts. For instance, on the blog post about Yom Kippur there is an excerpt  with Harachaman’s for holidays. As you can see, overall the style is similar throughout the bencher. We wanted to use a color similar to blue but which was not your typical blue as in the flag of Israel. We wanted the bencher to have a connection to religious Zionism. This can be seen both through the content and the illustrations.

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