Best Match for the Inside of the Bencher?


what cover matches the inside of the cover best


We recently had a customer ask us regarding the inside of the bencher:

We want a color cover but did not seem to find one that also matched the inside colors. Can you recommend one?
What looks the best with the inside design from your experience?

Best Match for the Inside of the Bencher

Here is a question we have never been asked before! I never thought much about matching the cover to the inside of the bencher. We do have one cover that does match:

hills of Jerusalem cover for the bnei akiva bencher

From time to time customers choose this cover, presumably because it does match the inside of the bencher. In fact, we recently had an order for a Bar Mitzvah, where this cover was chosen, text was in Purple with a slight arch for the word Bar Mitzvah and a few decorative frills.

Matching the outside to the inside, however, has not really been a factor in why people choose the Bnei Akiva bencher. Most of our customers choose the Bnei Akiva bencher because they want to support Bnei Akiva, they want a bencher that has the songs and content that they want, and they like the design and the values represented in the bencher. There is a sense of community or community belonging when thinking about the inside of the bencher.

Outside of the Benchers

When it comes to choosing the cover, however, people tend to want to be more individual. They want to express themselves or their partnership independent of the designs inside. For brides and grooms they may want to put their invitation design on the front or something that has meaning to their new unit. In fact, we find that most wedding benchers include their own designs rather than one of ours. An example of this is this beautiful cover of Laya Crust’s work, based on a ketubah made for the couple by Crust.

Bnei Mitzvah

A bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah bencher may have their invitation design, something related to their event theme, something meaningful like a kotel background often with a photo,  or something connected to their identity/likes like this optical illusion cover.

So generally insides and outsides are distinct. I was intrigued by the question and so came up with a few additional simple designs:

Background picture bencher cover design
This one uses one of the designs from within the bencher itself.

black mustard blue purple cover design

This plays with the colors that are in the benchers but uses a simple contemporary design.
bencher colors stripes plus

This one adds a color but is still within the palette of the bencher.

Note that the bencher is printed offset an the cover designs are printed digitally. This means that the cover may not exactly match the inside of the bencher.

What do you think? What motivates the design of a cover?

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