What you can do with color covers

I wanted to illustrate what you can do with color covers using sample birkonim I designed for Bnei Akiva to use at shabbatonim as well as with a general sample. Update: since this post was written, we have added many more examples of what you can do with digital printed covers. I will post links to some of them below.

What you can do with Color Covers


Note that this cover has a slight gradiant. You could use this to complement your own simcha colors and color gradation.Stripes

This is a variation of designs we have in the Birkat Chaverim shop in the cover design section. We have used a similar design for various Bnei Akiva events, but we haven’t used this one in its exact form. In this case there is a bit of extra color while at the same time it keeps to a blue and white theme.Landscape full page

This last one uses a design that appears in the bencher itself. This is a page that seperates between various sections in the bencher. It is useful for those customers who want a cover that matches the inside of the bencher.

Note that in each cover example, the full cover is utilized.

In addition, we have a growing selection of cover designs that you can choose to use when ordering benchers. I’ve posted about some of the holiday related covers such as Purim designs , Tu Bishvat designs, as well as other designs like benchers off the beaten path. We have a few examples submitted by customers who used their own designs. For instance, this one in California and this bencher cover used at Moshava IO. This should give you the begining of an idea of what you can do with color covers. We are always interested in hearing your ideas so feel free to comment below or send us an email via the contact form.

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